Monday, December 24, 2018

NGC 7380: The Wizard Nebula

This is one of those targets that never feels like it has enough time. This image was an experiment of sorts, as I was testing high gain imaging along with shorter 240s subs. It seems crazy to even attempt narrowband through an f/9 scope with 240s subs, but they worked surprisingly well with this camera. In hindsight I wish I would have gone 300, but overall pretty happy.

Description: Located 7200 light years away, the Wizard nebula, surrounds developing open star cluster NGC 7380. Visually, the interplay of stars, gas, and dust has created a shape that appears to some like a fictional medieval sorcerer. The active star forming region spans about 100 light years, making it appear larger than the angular extent of the Moon.

6nm HA: 124x240s, Gain 300
6nm OIII: 131x240s, Gain 300

Camera: ASI1600MM Pro
Scope: AstroTech AT6RC
Filters: Astronomik 6nm Ha/OIII
Mount: Atlas EQG

Processed in Pixinsight

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